Researchers develop “smart dressing” to transform wound care – Medical press

A new wound dressing termed DermaTrax is being developed out of Ireland which uses a bendable computer chip inside a wound dressing which sends data about the wound to the health care provider. This data will include a number of sources including temperature, moisture, and pH. Using this data the health care provider can determine when to change the dressing by the information provided by the dressing such as when the moisture balance is no longer appropriate and there is an increased risk of maceration, or there has been a change such as increased temperature which can be indicative of increased bacterial burden. I can definitely see this leading to decreased dressing frequency and improved data collection which could lead to a further understanding of the wound healing process with certain wound dressings. It is exciting to see the integration of technology into patient care to improve assessment and management. What do you think? Do you see a use for a product such as this in your setting?